Devblog Week 4: Starting Production

Hello, everyone,
 This is our third dev log and our first week into production. So how did we approach the game, with everything we learned so far?
Well read on and find out!

The first week 
For this initial week  of production we really focused on planning and sorting tasks. As the old saying goes things are 70% planing and 30% work. So the art team and the programming team got together and we made a list of everything we needed to work on for this sprint. Every idea, concept or vision had to be considered and a decision had to be made: " Do we want this in our game?", "Is it worth the time? " .
  So we decided that a good first week would be to get a steady base. Since we are starting fresh, it  means that programmers had the hard task to redo every basic mechanic and feature in the game, while the artists were tasked with expanding the asset library and envisioning the game's aesthetic and look.  
 A cardinal  agreement was made that we should firstly focus on the things that make the game fun to play. This means that the co-op feature, the  rivalry between players and arcadiness of the game had to be the main focus. How do we plan to achieve this?

The multiplayer cooperative gameplay was already working in the prototype, so the thing left here is to decide things like "team damage" and balance of 2 and 4 players. Secondly things like UI, inventory and weapon holding and switching have to be designed and implemented.

The game has an additional aim: to make players compete with each other. The way to do that is to see who can get the most gold, relics, etc. Unfortunately all of these things require the setup of basics, so stay tuned for next week!

This is something tricky to achieve but we think that providing the players with a dynamic combat, keeping them on their toes with traps and providing a challenge with enemy AI is a good recipe for fun!

Our main focus for now is setting up a clean slate for the Unreal project and getting the core up and running so we can build upon it. The artists have to make concepts for the main characters and model them, the enemies that our protagonists will fight and the environment they will navigate are also in the to do list. Helping with some key assets like a crossbow for ranged attacks and rigging for the main character was done this week. The art department has to do the level layout and design for at least the starting few rooms by next week. Basic concepts for the game enemies are in the works....and possibly the final boss?
Expect to see some art appear on the page soon.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned to see the progress!

PS. - we decided to rename the game to........drum roll....

"Ruins of Xolotl"


Group11 Ruins Of Xolotl v1.0 105 MB
Mar 13, 2018
Group11 FantasyDungeonGame Prototype Week3.5 576 MB
Mar 13, 2018

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