Devblog Week 5: Continuation production

Hi everyone !

We're currently in our second week of production, one of our artists has been working on the designs for the monsters as well as the characters as seen above. The level design is currently in the making as well as this is quite important to base your game off of.

The UI is also of great importance for a game, we've made a concept of this as well and projected it over our prototype to see if it fits our game. Changes might still be made to this of course,

An issue we previously had in our prototype is that the glyphs underneath the players do help you keep track of which character you are but it had one flaw. As it gets quite chaotic with 4 players it's hard to see how your character is orientated. Therefore we have designed a new glyph in a Mayan style that points to the forward of the character.

We'll display this one instead and possibly increase the size of the indicator to aid the players.

Since the concepts for the characters (minus the final boss) are done, we've also started modelling these.

The inquisitor is the first one we've finished as seen below.

And a WIP of the shaman

Last but not least some animations have been added to our Conquistador model and a WIP of the skeleton.

And of course our programmers are working hard to get back to where we were in our prototype so let's not forget about them either!

See you next week for another batch of updates !

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