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Ruins! Xolotl! Aztecs! Spanish inquisitors! This game has them all!

Ruins of Xolotl is a 2.5D Top-Down dungeon crawler with an Aztec setting. It's both a co-operative and competitive game, designed for 2-4 players!

The inquisitors have found themselves at a temple, and rumor has it that many monsters, unlike anything they've ever faced before, roam around inside! They hired some pirates, and decide to head in, on the hunt for treasure!

The pirates agreed to join them into the temple, but only because they too, know that entering alone would mean certain death. 

Both factions decide to work together, but they keep any gold and other goodies they find inside to themselves.

Their goal is this: to get through the dungeon together, but manage to gather the most valuables for themselves!

Install instructions

To play the game, Download the zip file and unzip it, then double-click the executable to begin your adventure into the Ruins! 

Sidenote: To play the game, you'll need some controllers!


RuinsOfXolotl_x64.zip 328 MB
RuinsOfXolotl_x86.zip 303 MB

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