Devblog Week 6: End of Sprint 2

Devblog Week 6: End of Sprint 2

The end of Sprint 2 is here, so it's time to take a step back and see what we've reached so far.

As we approach the end of sprint 2, it's time we look back at what we planned to do, what we achieved, and what he have not yet achieved. In Sprint 2 we re-implemented many of the core features of the prototype in Sprint1; 

  • Dynamic Camera
  • Basic Movement, dependent on the Camera
  • Dodging
  • Simplified Combat (no combo-attacks)
  • Overhead UI health & Stamina Bars
  • Interactables
    • Weapons
  • Skeleton Enemy AI
  • Implemented Custom Player Characters
  • Implemented Custom Enemy Model (Animations still WIP)
    • Mixamo Auto-Rigger didn't work, so this took A LOT more time than expected
  • Level Blockout
  • Various Props
  • Tile Material
  • Hit  & Directional Circle VFX
  • Potion Model
  • UI Design
  • Cel Shading

That's a pretty long list of things we finished, but there's also plenty of things still unfinished; just to list some up:

  • Camera Location Based Opacity on Walls
  • Scoreboard
  • Selecting number of players & player character
  • Gold pickups
  • Potions
  • Traps
  • Shaman Enemy (port from Prototype)
  • Skeleton Texture
  • Modeling & Texturing
    • Traps
    • Weapons
    • More Props
    • Doors & Gates
    • 2 Pirate Characters

We're pretty happy with what we have so far; but do realize there's plenty left to do! We've been slowly realizing in Sprint 2 that some of the things we wanted in our game really would be too much, and have dialed back some things (like a Giant boss, Ranged Combat, Larger Level) while still staying true to the concept of our game.

Added onto this Devblog you'll find our current Work-In-Progress build; we're slowly getting there!

That's it for now; thanks for reading this devblog, and we'd love to see some feedback if you give our WIP game a try!

Sincerely, Glenn 


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